The College of Business, Economics and Accountancy commits itself to attain excellence, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness for trained manpower who will assume leadership and responsibility in business, industry and the government service.  As such it shall:

  1. provide quality instruction in accountancy, economics, business and management, entrepreneurship, cooperatives, tourism and hospitality management which is responsive to local and global needs and expectations;
  2. build and maintain a highly qualified manpower and well-equipped proactive academic unit through continuing education;
  3. foster a culture of research along its academic offerings and other related areas;
  4. produce and publish research-based and community-based materials for instruction and extension use and other alternative education mode;
  5. share resources and expertise to the community through a continuing education, capability building and volunteerism programs;
  6. establish linkages and strengthen partnerships with industries and other stakeholders both local and foreign; and
  7. inculcate positive values and attitudes among students for the development of socially responsible and democratic citizenship, concern for the environment and a strong sense of national pride.