MMSU officials reap awards in national, international RDE management confab

August 03, 2018

Four officials of MMSU bagged the Best Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) management paper and poster awards at the close of the two simultaneous international and national conferences held at the Crown Regency Residences in Cebu City on July 31 to August 3.


The events were the highlights of the 3rd International RDE Management Congress and the 28th National PHILARM Convention organized by the Philippine Association of Research Managers, Incorporated.


PHILARM is a private, non-stock, non-profit organization with headquarters located at the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources, Research and Development (PCAARRD). Its function is to promote and enhance the role of managers in improving and sustaining productivity in research. PCAARRD is one of the sectoral councils of the Department of Science and Technology.


MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis and Dr. Carmelo J. Esteban, director for Planning, were awarded first place in the William C. Medrano Best RDE Management Paper award with their paper on Philippine Nypa- and Village-Based Bioethanol Industry RDE: Glocal (global and local) Convergence and Integration (GCI) Management for Inclusive and Sustainable Development.


On the other hand, Dr. Marlowe U. Aquino and Dr. Epifania O. Agustin, Professor and Vice President, respectively, landed second place in the Teotimo M. Aganon Best RDE Management Award for their poster on the Evolving Processes of Transformation and Excellence: Challenges and Breakthroughs of MMSU Research Management.


Agrupis and Esteban’s study tested and demonstrated the potential of nipa feedstock and the village-scale-based bioethanol facilities that were established by MMSU in Regions 1 and 2 in the production of high grade bioethanol in the country.


“Actually, the whole module was founded on the principles of inclusivity and sustainability through a glocal convergence and integration management scheme, which involved local, national, and international agencies; government and non-government organizations,” the researchers said, adding that the study also included the participation of some people organizations (POs) with MMSU taking the lead.


The study also highlighted the university’s 10-year experience in managing partnership convergence and integration, which detailed the role of research managers on how the performance-based convergence and integration are conceived, executed, and sustained.


On the other hand, Aquino and Agustin’s poster showed how the MMSU’s RDE management were reviewed and analyzed as platforms to diagnose, develop, and improve the flow and functions of organizations in the university.


The result will serve as basis in shaping the excellent direction of the university including the formulation of strategic measures to guide the center chiefs, program and project leaders, and research-extension personnel so that they can work effectively in attaining the vision, mission, and goal of MMSU.


“I am very happy because this was my first research management paper in 34 years of being a researcher,” Aquino said.