Jan 1, 1970

SOME 8,000 students from first year to fifth year are enrolled in the different academic programs in the Batac campus alone as of June 13 figures from the Registrar’s Office.

The office cannot yet extract the exact breakdown of enrolment in the university as of this semester as registration is still going on. Many students from other towns and provinces are still flocking to beat the deadline for late enrolment.

Many transferees are also coming in to avail of the university’s government-subsidized tuition fees because of the reported increase of fees in some private schools in the region.

In the other campuses such Laoag City, Dingras, Currimao, and Paoay, number of enrollees is consistently high especially in the elementary and secondary education programs where CTE has gained national reputation as center of excellence in teacher education.

Meanwhile, some temporary classrooms have been constructed to accommodate first and second year students taking general education courses handled by CAS following the burning of classrooms at the CETC building last April. However, not all classrooms at the CETC were razed by fire because those occupied by CBEA were spared.

Nine classrooms at the east and west sides of the Teatro Ilocandia basement were added to the three strategic lecture areas at the covered court and at the Vocational Agriculture (VOAG) building for students taking up PE subjects.

The CHS, on the other hand, has put up four temporary classrooms at the University Training Center for its students in pharmacy and nursing.